Using FTP to upload files to the Internet

FTP is the best way to upload larger files to the Internet. Web upload form are very unstable.

An Internet Server is a computer that is always connected to the Internet that is set up to run websites. FTP is a way of connecting to one of these servers to transfer the file from your computer [the local machine] to the Internet computer [ the remote computer ]. Once you have connected this process should be as easy as copying files from one directory/folder to another on your own machine. If you have problems doing that then you will probably have problems doing this.

Here is how to use on particular programme Called Smart FTP (Windows).The same principles apply to all FTP programs including Cute FTP (mac), Leech FTP (win), Gftp (linux).

Firstly you need to know some FTP details. These will either be given to you by an Internet server administrator who is letting you have some space on their server, or as part of an automatic uploading system as used by systems like

You will need to enter

1) Host address [aka ftp address, host / ip ]

2) Login Name [aka Username]

3) Password

Once you have done that Hit the "Enter / Return" key and you should see some activity as the programme tries to connect to the server.

Arranging your windows. As you can see above the way I like to arrange the windows is to have the Local Browser with the Local files on the Left and the Remote Window with the View of the Internet computer on the right.

If you cannot see the Local Browser you can open one by Selecting from the Menu FTP > Local Browser. You can arrange the windows in this way by clicking the icon with a vertical line in it.

When you are about to upload your files - Make sure you are uploading it to the right directory.

On the example above I've changed directory on the right side - the remote side - to www/ - This is needed for it to be viewable at the following address

When you are sure you've changed to the right directory you can drag and drop the file(s) from the local (left) to the right (remote / Internet)

Arranging the files by date altered.

If you are not sure which file you need to need to upload, you may want to arrange the files by the date last altered. This is especially useful if you are updating Webpages and you have forgotten which pages and images you have updated.


You may have to drag the columns around a bit and then click on Date Modified and you can arrange the files so that the last ones you modified are listed at the top. In the example above only one has been altered recently so that is the only page that needs to be uploaded.

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