How to create Mpeg1 files with keep awakeTmpegEnc: encoder.

Download Tmpeg Enc here

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Save your project as a DV avi [which might be useful anyway if you archiving to DVD]

And then Open the File in TMpegEnc - Load the Mpeg1 Pal Setting. See below for a visual interpretation.


Problems and solutions.

You get lines or fuzzyness in your final file...#

This is caused by the fact that your original file is Interlaced. So we need to put on a de-interlace filter.

You can do that by clicking on Settings and then Advanced and ticking the De-Interlace box then OK.


You get an error Message when Encoding from a DVavi

For some reason my set up wouldn't work encoding DVavi straight away and I found this post on a forum which worked.

In TMPGEnc, go to Options -> Environmental setting ... -> VFAPI plug-in

Right click on the DirectShow entry, and select Higher Priority (you may have to do this a couple of times to get it to top priority). Basically then it will use DirectShow to read AVI files, so it can use the Microsoft DV codec.




These Clearer channel help files are designed to be as clear as we can make them. They are also used for training sessions. We want video collectives and media activists to be able to contribute Media files themselves. To help make this happen, we run training sessions every 2 months. If you are interested in these training sessions please get in contact - training @ clearerchannel . org

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