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Biking Beyond Petroleum / Niezla Jazda!

A film about the Gdansk Cycling Campaign, Poland

date created: 00-00-2003
Language: English
Region: Europe

Contact email:
Creator: Ell Southern
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0

A film following the Gdansk Cycling Campaign as it prepares for its Grand Bicycle Ride in the summer of 2003.

Details of video files

A colourfull insight into the remarkable rise of cycling as a mode of transport in this Polish city, in the context of growing consumption and car culture accross the ex-communist states. The film highlights the connections between this growing car and consumerist culture and climate change, promoting cycling as one grassroots solution. The campaign is run by OLE Obywatelska Liga Ekologiczna / the Citizens Environmental League, a local group of young people who have been taking amazingly effective action on cycling for several years.

I dedicate this film to Przemek, in ever loving memory. Ellxxx

The first version is the full length english language version, showing the Gdansk Cycling Campaign preparing for the action, as well as going into the specific Polish context behind the campaign.

The second version is a slightly shorter version, excluding the Polish context section.

The third version is the same as the second version but in Polish language.